The Depths, an adult furry webcomic – Page 02: Seeking Release; Ruining the Moment

Thierry Saváge finally manages to grab a gulp of air but Leilani’s hungry and wants to please her panther…

Yes, Leilani usually gets what she craves most – in this instance, her lover’s orgasm. Leilani’s remarkable breath-holding and diving abilities will become a factor throughout “The Depths”.

This raunchy scene came about after I saw a particularly intimate video online that explained underwater sex. As I’ve probably mentioned before in other venues, when climaxes occur breath-held, they tend to last longer and are much harder. This is why there’s such a fascination with asphyxiation and self-air-depravity.

But it’s a dangerous method when taken to an extreme. I believe people like David Carradine died trying it – and probably countless others. Lesson here: You’re not a sea otter, so don’t even attempt this at home. *^^* If you must, I recommend scuba or at least an air tank.

People already have asked me, “Why sex right away?! Can’t we build up to it?” or “Underwater sex, yes! Your idea?!” Well, to be honest, this is an adult X-rated webcomic, so I wanted to essentially make that 100% clear in the first few pages. There is a lot of sex coming up in the first couple of scenes, but it’s done with intent – and purely for love. I’ve done that to give the reader some emotions and feelings – because all too soon this magic will come to an end, and we’ll head back into Leilani’s past.

The magic will fade – at least temporarily.

There is danger and darkness ahead…

Written by Leilani
Art by ABlueDeer and Kino Jaggernov

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