You might notice if you start over from the beginning, that we’re in the process of doing a retooling. The comic will be going through quite a lot of changes, but we’re excited about them!

First, you might notice the format has drastically changed, from a panel-by-panel page view, to a more mobile-friendly vertically scrolling view. We had a lot of people ask us about the possibilities of doing this, and frankly we realize webcomics are going more mobile-friendly all the time. Also, it provides a lot better image quality and presentation.

Secondly, you might notice the dialogue and story is slightly changed as well. We put our heads together and tried to think how we could make things better. We were not 100% happy with the entire story as it was written, and felt more than a few changes, edits, plot-lines, etc. needed addressed

So we welcome all readers to consider starting over from the very beginning, page one.  We think you’ll find that “The Depths” is not quite the same story anymore, and there’s a lot more secrets, truths, and twists and turns than before. We’re VERY excited to see what you think!

We appreciate any comments and critiques and hope you’ll enjoy the brand-new style and story of “The Depths”. We’re hopeful with all the new things happening, we can rocket back to being the number one ranked adult furry comic on the internet!

Because we were once…