The Depths, an adult furry webcomic – Page 75: To New Adventures…

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Kalea Happy Fun Wet Otter Pounce Go! *^^*

75 labors of love, really. We can’t believe the first story is already done, and we’re sure you’re all waiting to see what incredible adventures await these four. *^^*

That will unfortunately have to wait for just a little bit. Starting in July, we change gears and bring you all a one-off short-subject comic spinoff of “The Depths” called “Wild Coast”, and it features among its group of lovely ladies, a direct descendant of Leilani herself. While that’s going on, Paola and Paul are going to be hard at work laying out the new story line for the next arc (which is actually unnamed yet, but we’ll make it great, we promise.)

We’re sure some of you have heard by now, our quest for a pencil artist is still going, but it’s the quality of the applicants we’re getting that has us in awe. Artists from Walt Disney Animation, Pixar, Warner Brothers Animation, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Seven Seas Entertainment, (a top selling manga publisher) and others want to be our pencil artist.

Most of them give the reason that they really LOVE THIS COMIC.

Stop right there for a minute…



Some of the many kudos we’ve received have called the story brilliant, the art on par with some of the best, and the characters are so memorable and beautiful. These are former comic artists, animators, and manga people saying this.


We were feeling a little down lately because it really seemed to us that we just don’t have the support we need to keep things moving along strong. But we do have a lot of support. $500 a month is nothing to sneeze at, and we’re proud we have at least that much, so we can do at least three pages a month. However, we’re still going to do a huge ad and marketing campaign in July while we write. We’re going to need a bit more Patreon help if we’re going to hire that pencil artist! And we’re really excited about three prospects we have, the one from Seven Seas Entertainment for sure, but whomever we get, you will love because their drawing talent is phenomenal. <3

Our dream would be to get this to $1,000 a month, so we can get a LOT more things done for you all, like free merchandise, hard-printing, more art, more side-comics. We leave that up to you.

We’re asking you all, talk to people. Let them know, “Hey, The Depths is getting attention!” or “Did you know someone from Disney Animation is trying out as a penciler!?” Start the rumor mill going. (of course they are not rumors, this is 100% truth)


We’ll see you back again in August, faithful readers. <3

If anyone has any questions, please comment/write. We will be adding another tier to the Patreon shortly in an effort to get more attention and more perks. We have 3 or 4 people who still give generously to the Patreon ($50 or more), so we’re going to add a $50 tier to cover them and give extra rewards. <3

Also, we can’t say this enough, but keep voting for us, please? Click this link here, and give us a happy little vote. It’s free, no sign-ups or anything, and you can vote daily from any computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. <3

Written by Leilani
Art by Kino Jaggernov

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