What is “The Depths”?

“The Depths” is an adults-only webcomic featuring anthropomorphic creatures cast in a historical alternate-Earth setting from the 1920s through the 1930s. It features Leilani Perierre, a beautiful, brave, and savage sea otter on the Polynesian Islands in the South Pacific, and her companions Kalea and Malana. The webcomic focuses not only on their origins growing up wild and tribal on a remote paradisaical island, but also their tales of romance, mystery, and epic adventure – above and below the deep blue sea. Written in 2009 (when someone made the off-the cuff remark that Leilani would make an awesome comic book heroine), “The Depths” is actually a combination of several short stories written by the head writer and creator of the webcomic, who goes by “Leilani” in many circles. “The Depths” will cover many places, with many characters, and as the title suggests, a lot of the tales will take place in or around the water. But “The Depths” has a subliminal meaning as well. It doesn’t just relate to the endless depths of the sea – it also relates to the depths of the soul, where emotions like love, hate, sorrow, fear, regret, and rage are all too ready to erupt from within and burst to the surface.

Great, but who’s doing all this awesome work?!

Leilani goes by a few pseudonyms on the writing circuit, but she’s actually a multi-talented writer, author, and scriptwriter. Her writing experience includes seven published non-fiction books, a published fiction novel, and a novel series destined for, in her agent’s words, the best-seller list. She has over 200 published articles to her credit, more than 100 short stories written, and is a feature blogger for the widely-popular Medium and Thrive Global websites. Her love for comics got her started helping artists write and plot out storylines for their own webcomics, and she teaches world-building to writers at various conventions. Riffraff, her partner in crime, also writes. He’s a natural screenwriter with a few TV credits, and has won some awards for his work. When “The Depths” story starts to meander, he’s right there to help put it back straight.

ABlueDeer’s personal history with art started when he was very young, at 5 or so. His education is mostly self-taught but he also assisted some art classes at local “Cultural houses” as they call them there in Mexico, and he received some formal art education.

Kino Jaggernov’s background in art is largely traditional. Web design was Kino’s first love, but unfortunately, the artist attended college just as the dot com bubble burst, so by the time school was done, there was no more work. Instead, KJ self-taught digital art and within a few years was creating webcomics and comic projects. “The Depths” is KJ’s first mainstream project.

And what about the webcomic’s cast?





Leilani, daughter of a tribal chieftain in the South Pacific, is the main character of “The Depths”, and acts as narrator for flashbacks to her numerous adventures of romance and danger.

David, Leilani’s main love interest in her retrospects, is a journalist from New York City. He falls for Leilani at first sight and wants nothing more than to be with her forever.

Malana, beautiful but brash, is Leilani’s sister and foil. While she strives to maintain a shaky relationship with the other otter, her jealousy and anger often get in the way.

Kalea, Leilani’s BFF. She sees her friendship with Leilani as a pleasure and a privilege. She is sweet and kind, and the peacemaker when Malana and Leilani are at odds.

Thierry, a French detective of the Suerte in Marseilles. While his story is mostly unknown and he does not appear often, he is undoubtedly Leilani’s new love, and hopes to make her life happy somehow.