We’re doing a new thing here at “The Depths” – character art exchanges! We choose comics we really love to read, and approach artists if they’d like to do fan-art for one another and post. This month, we chose”Myan” from Cat-Nine comic because…oh my God, CUUUUUTE! ♥ (similar to the term “ky000t”, which was quite popular back in the day).

Designed as a manga-styled webcomic and created by Filipino artist LazyLoneWolf (who swears up and down he is NOT a furry), Cat-Nine features a young man named Keith and his mischievous cat, Myan. Myan was bestowed at one point in her life with a magical collar, which gives her the power to transform into animals at will – including the desirable cat-girl you see below! So as you can imagine, things can get pretty wild and crazy in the world of Cat-Nine!

You can catch Keith, Myan and a host of other CUTE characters here!

Our wonderful wishes and thanks to Moonabel for the art! This is the dream artist for us! ♥