If you’ve been enjoying the hit webcomic, “The Depths”, we are delighted to present fan-fiction from some amazing writers, including our own P.M. Amaras and Paul Driggere, the head writers for “The Depths”! All stories are in PDF format, so you’ll need a PDF reader. If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, it’s built in. Otherwise, use Acrobat’s Reader or try Foxit’s. If you’re on a phone, we recommend reading this article for some good apps to try.


And if you’re thinking maybe you might like to write a story or two about the adventures of Leilani, Kalea, Malana, David, Thierry or even the now-deceased Jamie, you can enter your own submissions by sending an email to helpfulseaotter(at)gmail(dot)com with your story idea only. Please understand, we have the right to refuse stories that either don’t meet with our quality expectations, or that feature some of the big no-nos, like bodily functions, ultra-violence, hate speech, children, (this is an adult site, after all), or other controversial issues. Use your best judgment and common sense, that’s all. And yes, erotica is allowed. (this is an adult site, after all!) Once we approve of the idea, write it and send it to us!



The Depths Chronicles: Vixens in Chains – P. M. Amaras  (Leilani)

Leilani and her friend Chazore, a rainbow dragon-tigress, are drawn into a murder mystery during an island vacation.

The Depths Chronicles: A Christmas Miracle – P. M. Amaras

Leilani gets a distress call from the U.S. Navy on Christmas Day to help save the lives of tiger sailors trapped inside a sunken sub.

The Depths Chronicles: Evil From Below – Paul Driggere and P.M. Amaras

Leilani, an ambassador to a kingdom of merfolk, takes a lover, Prince Maku the merwolf, to the deepest depths to solve a mystery involving missing ships, a band of renegade pirates, and a rival kingdom bent on destruction.

The Depths: Horror Beneath the Waves – Cheops Longfang

This story centers around Cheops and a research team trying to discover what sleeps within the abyss of Bora Bora.

The Depths: Friends From the Stars – Knightwolf1875

Leilani, Malana and Kalea head to the sea to investigate a spaceship that crashed into the ocean near their island and caused a wave that devastated the village.

Deep Plunge – Paul Driggere and P.M. Amaras

Sixteen-year-old Leilani, barely in her adult years, experiences her deepest desires in the sea when she meets up, and mates up, with her childhood lover, Rangi.

Lust in the Lagoon – Paul Driggere

Malana tries to have a luxurious swim alone in an idyllic lagoon – but Jamie has other plans…

The Depths: Tales of the Sahara – Cheops Longfang

The beautiful girls of “The Depths” are off for some hot fun in the sun in Egypt.

Swimming Lessons – XXXPaws

Three otters. One large swimming pool. One very lucky gym manager.