Insignificant Otters, a furry comic strip – Page 16: MATH, bitches!

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In case you didn’t notice, Kevin’s a pretty smart cookie too. And yeah, before you wonder, this IS an actual formula for finding the parameter of a convex island. But it requires a lot of work. As an anonymous pointed out to us, you basically have to monitor how far you walk in every direction, and snap a picture on your phone as you go along, then compare it to get your distance variable, then continue doing it until you circle the entire island and…oh screw it, is that REALLY important when you’re a castaway?!

Castaway Advice: Okay, so you have a smartphone, but what good is it if you’re stranded on an island with no signal and no power? Write a quick one-time journal, for starters, and jot down as much as you can of what you sense around you. You’ll want to have something to refer to, like areas you can find shade or get food, etc. Use your calendar to find out what day it is, then you can keep a record by carving on a tree. Use your calculator for food intake, measurements, etc. But go easy on the phone. Shut it off as soon as you finish something. A fully charged phone, used sparingly, CAN last up to a week. Unless you have a really crappy phone and not a Samsung. ♥


Written by P.M.Amaras & Paul Driggere

Art: Jim Jimenez

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