Insignificant Otters, a furry comic strip – Page 1: Intro

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Welcome to the premiere episode of “Insignificant Otters”, a bit of a play on words for “significant others”. (Yes, we thought it was cute too. ^^)

Believe it or not, the comic strip idea came way before “The Depths” was even conceived. And while the concept isn’t exactly original, we still think it could be a smash hit. First off, like we mentioned before, there are no “The Blue Lagoon” rules. Without giving too much away, and as you’ll see, Emma isn’t exactly fond of her erstwhile companion, Kevin. But they’re stuck with each other for the time being. And as the days go by, sanity can begin to warp and twist the mind in certain ways, so you’ll often see breaks from reality.

Like we said, we don’t want to give too much away!

Just trust us, okay? If you love our writing so far…you’re going to love these otters… ♥

A shout-out to master comic artist Jim Jimenez, who made this possible!