The Depths, an adult furry webcomic – Page 36: Confession; Decisions

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Malana comes clean at last.

We’re not quite sure if this scene between her and her father was necessary, but it provides a brief moment before we get back to the undersea world, and more sex and romance between reunited lovers David and Leilani. At least now, Malana feels vindicated at last, that she did do the right thing and that she can finally feel like she’s part of the family again.

Early on in the story, we thought about the idea of Malana being Leilani’s sister, but it really didn’t make sense – at first. Then as the story continued, we thought, “There’s gotta be SOME reason she’s such a bitch!” It really didn’t hit us until the girls were catching their breaths in the underwater cave that Malana COULD be related – yet she’s so different from her parents, we saw her more as an “odd girl out”.

And we blame all of you, every last one of you readers, fans, and well-wishers, for the character development for her. At the very start of creating “The Depths”, we were really just going to focus on one heroine, Leilani, and her ongoing adventures with David the reporter. But…once Malana and Kalea came along, it was quite obvious you weren’t going to be happy unless Leilani had another companion, a foil, a real bitch with plenty of ‘tude, someone she wasn’t always going to get along with.

So, thanks, really, all of you for destroying our original idea and making an incredibly wonderful idea in its stead.

Anyway, a really great design here for Sachem Ahomana, which means “chieftain of thunder”, the doting father. We wish we could see more of him, but he’s a minor character unfortunately. But he really is hot!

Also, did you get the “Star Wars” reference?

Written by Leilani and RiffRaff
Art by Kino Jaggernov

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