It’s said that all of us, in some ways, have different people inside us, and they’ll come out of us every so often to re-introduce themselves to the world like so many unpaid minor actors throughout life. Kalea was born as another personality of Leilani’s, a sweet, gentle soul, filled with curiosity and wonder, innocent, bubbly, but with a fierce sense of devotion.

When she first made the scene in the script, there really wasn’t going to be much to her – in fact she wasn’t even going to have a name! But the muses that be decided there was something pretty good here, and as we continued to write the comic, and we saw how she looked and behaved, we knew we were giving birth to a new star. We’re not sure if she has the staying power Leilani has yet, but there’s been a lot of talk lately about just how popular she’s become. She’s definitely a waifu about now!

This is really the most wonderful thing about creating a webcomic. As you go along, and you notice how the story is going, you normally can do a re-read of the script, and say to yourselves, “Oh man, I should do this!” and then it’s like the story changes before your eyes – and you’re happy you did it, because in your heart, it’s the right thing to do for the webcomic.

That’s how we feel about Kalea. So, with a new character, obviously we had to give her a past too. From 1922 until the present 1938, there has been one hell of a past for her.

And for the other girls too. Which we’ll get to eventually… All we can tell you is, you’re never going to see this coming…

Stay tuned and thanks for reading us!

Lani, Riff, and KJ