The Depths, an adult furry webcomic – Page 73: Acceptance; To New Adventures…

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KJ suggested the wedding picture should be a sepia-colored photograph, similar to the vintage style of the times, and we were all in agreement that would be best. And it’s such a gorgeous group picture. Leilani and David seemingly ready to commit their lives, a standoffish Malana filled with apprehension, a joyful Kalea giving the ceremony as only a shaman-in-training can do, the delighted father, the entourage of tribe and civilians. It all seems like the start of something amazing, doesn’t it?

And it should have been…

We’re sure we’ve blown everyone’s minds with that last panel; a forlorn creature in the waves, watching the ship sail off. Who is she? Well, that’s a whole other story. See, if you followed the comic originally, you know this is Tahnee, leader of the manta ray girls and purported “Children of the Sea”. We just felt as an ending shot, we needed to tease you all a little bit on the upcoming adventures. We’re hard at work on the rewrite for this as well, so please be patient. This is NOT the end.

It’s just the beginning.

Also note the fifth panel. Could Leilani be ANY more kawaiiiii right now…?

Loving Malana’s look at the couple like, “Yeah, I’m watching you…”

And dear sweet Kalea. Activate nekkid, wet, happy fun otter pounce now! ♥

Just so much to love in this one page and we hope we’ll get some comments.

We’re winding down this first story arc, Dark Reflections, and it’ll also ironically be a time of reflection for us as well. We’re working diligently on the re-write of the next story arc, much as we did here.

We’re also planning a few changes to the website as well. We recently got kicked out of Facebook (since no nudity is allowed – despite the COUNTLESS PORN BOTS TRYING TO SEDUCE YOU, but don’t get us started…), so we’re thinking now is a good time to bring a bit more attention to the site in general, and it starts with a “Short Story” section. We want to bring a lot of the old stories of Leilani and the South Seas to your attention, and we plan a “reading room”, where you can interactively “turn pages” and read each one. We also plan a cool design for the virtual books, that will make it seem like you’re reading old, old journals. So, yes, lots of fun coming!

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Written by Leilani and RiffRaff
Art by Kino Jaggernov

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