The Depths, an adult furry webcomic – Page 23: The Sea Awaits; Kuko

Loving the beautiful “heroic” scene, with several wolves and three beautiful otters off to an adventure they won’t forget…

The sea goddess is not happy…

Speaking of this crew, we have some Patreon people to recognize for this page, and their thanks for letting us use their characters, and for their support. First we have Masterofwolves, who owns Maku, the long blue-haired mer-wolf/wolf. Secondly, Tyler, owned by Rhexxy, whom we’ve seen before, and that blue-shaded wolf there keeping an eye on Kalea is Neros, belonging to Neros Rigaldo.

Loving Leilani’s ‘tude here. It’s obvious she loathes Jamie, but you also have to wonder about her feelings towards Malana, who undoubtedly started this whole mess with her big mouth. And it looks like Neros has a definite object of his own affection now in Kalea. One can only guess how that could ultimately play out…

But wow, David and Leilani, What an adorable sweet couple, aren’t they? Being all lovey-dovey for each other, even at a time when the mood should be a lot more serious?

But what’s this? Jamie having second thoughts about something?

Whatever his idea is, you can bet it’s probably a very good one to him – and not so good for the others.

Stay tuned…we’re just about ready to go back into…the depths…

Yes. We went there.

Into the depths, we mean.

Well, what we mean is, we’re about to go back into that which we just emerged from and-

Get On With It GIFs | Tenor


Right! Onwards!

One sad note to add. The day this page was first completed, October 11, 2018, Leilani and Riffraff had to make the unfortunate and painful decision to allow one of their black cats, 14-year-old girl Mystery, to enter eternity. We all share their love and loss during this time, and dedicate this page to her. ♥


Written by Leilani and Riffraff
Art by Twinkle-Sez and Kino Jaggernov

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