The Depths, an adult furry webcomic – Page 13: Alana; Paradise

We finally learn more about Leilani’s past, why she is so devoted to her father, and why she prefers “the depths”. All of this in one spectacular scene inside an undersea cave, beautifully lit by lichen. While we haven’t gone too far into her past, and especially her mother Alana, there are plans for a spin-off comic for Alana someday.

Leilani has something else to show David…her own secret, not only why she’s such an extraordinary diver, but where she finds those black oysters Malana once told her she was foolish to go for. There is a lot going on in this page alone, but what is so positively romantic is their kneeling close to one another, admiring those oysters.

Maybe the deep water, the breath-holding, or the proximity of her handsome companion, spurred Leilani’s lust.

All we know is that she wants David. Here and now…

Ohh, that kiss… ♥♥♥

Written by Leilani
Art by ABlueDeer and Kino Jaggernov

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