The Depths, an adult furry webcomic – Page 12: “Follow me…”; The Depths

Where is Leilani taking David? What secret lies in the depths…?

We had seen an underwater sequence from the forgettable “Point Break” remake, and in it the leading man and a fetching female companion take an ocean free-dive. She swims down to a reef, grabs a rock, and uses it as an anchor to drag her down way deeper and save her oxygen.

It was such a beautiful effect, we just had to recreate it in the story, and the captivating work of our two artists completed it stunningly.

Scuba tanks may not have quite been perfected yet but thank goodness for Leilani to ease a panic-stricken David and keep him from drowning, right?

The underwater cave sequence was a last-minute decision when we realized a) David is no sea otter, and b) Leilani’s lungs would still have a hard time at this depth – especially if she had to share air too much. Besides, wait until you see the next few pages and see just how romantic a place the ocean can be…

Written by Leilani
Art by ABlueDeer and Kino Jaggernov

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