The Depths, an adult furry webcomic – Page 06: Paradise; Peer Pressure

The flashback is about as necessary in comics as milk for a cookie. This particular one delves into Leilani’s past, memories that have come flooding back to her in endless waves, a more peaceful time, when she was barely an adult. She was innocent and naive, and yet brave and fearless, wild and tribal. This then begins the backstory of Leilani, growing up wild in the beautiful island of Bora Bora in the Polynesians – and about to have the adventures of a lifetime.

We truly hope readers will stick around for the ride. Incidentally, someone asked how long this will go, and we mentioned about 500-750 pages planned out. As hard as that might seem to believe, it’s the truth, which means “The Depths” could be going on quite a while.

In this scene, we realize who Leilani is – a daughter of a powerful chieftain, so she truly is “royalty”, and a princess. We think it adds a delicious flair to the sea otter, and helps shape her character. While a good deal of this segment of “The Depths”, “Dark Reflections”, will focus on origins, it’s important to remember this isn’t just an origins story. *^^*

Written by Leilani
Art by ABlueDeer and Kino Jaggernov

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