So, yes, you have to wonder how “The Depths” webcomic could really set itself apart from the literally hundreds of thousands of webcomics out there already. We’ve got a good thing going but, what could we do for an encore?

It’s long been our dream to see Leilani as an animated character, because she would certainly sizzle on the web with her attitude, her voice, her looks, her personality. It’s not too far-fetched to see “The Depths” even becoming a cartoon series – although obviously it could only be on HBO, or Cinemax because of all the breasts. But before we can see those dreams happen, we met someone not too long ago trying to make his own mark in the furry fandom, who is helping us at least achieve a stepping stone – animated webcomic panels

He goes by OpusFur and has an adorable furry character named Sasha, an arctic vixen. He’s also confidentially a veteran animation professional for film and television and you’ve doubtless seen his work. So, when he contacted us about helping him get more renowned in the fandom, an idea happened.

A wonderful, incredible, awesome idea.

So now Opus provides us with little animation gifts time to time, and the plan is for “The Depths” webcomic to have animated comic panels, exclusively for our Patreon supporters. It’s another way to show our thanks and blessings to those who have helped make this webcomic great, and among the best right now in the fandom. For the luckiest of the supporters however, we’ll be offering even further surprises, like personally animated projects for a nominal fee.

Not to worry, we’ll eventually offer animation to everyone. It’s all very exciting, we know. With animated panels, visual and animated comics, and a web series can’t be too far behind.

The future is very bright indeed right now…

Stay tuned!