A few reasons, most importantly, we don’t want to push Kino too hard and this last page, which you’ll see on the 18th, was a doozy to draw. So many figures on the page, and all painstakingly posed and hard to set up, along with the gorgeous underwater scenery.

Another reason, well, the Patreon is a little short this month. As we pay KJ $150 per page and every week for 40 hours of work, the Patreon has to reflect that somehow. We’re not trying to hold pages hostage or anything like that, God no, because we still are keeping the comic going the best we can.

But we still need a little more support out there. We’ve been present on Patreon since April of 2018, and greatly disappointed we only have 51 supporters.

So…we’ll see you back here on the 18th. <3

Thank you all for understanding.

Lani & Riff