So, we’re noticing a slight decrease in support lately, but the readership of “The Depths” has JUMPED significantly – just a little less than 8,500 devoted readers now, as we look at Google Analytics. We’ve only been online since August of 2018 and you’ll have to admit, that’s pretty incredible for the length of time we’ve been around. *^^*

The Patreon likewise hasn’t been up and running for that long. And it’s sustained the expenses ($150 per page I give to Kino Jaggernov) to keep “The Depths” going weekly thus far.

Now then, this brings me to the situation we face in February. The Patreon as it stands right now can only sustain about three pages a month. As big changes are coming to the Patreon as well, we’re expecting a sharp decline because all of the current rewards tiers will be removed, except for one, which will be a flat $5.00 level. Reason? I don’t like people having to pay so much. =( Especially when the rewards simply aren’t enough. We think we can attract a lot more people, and a lot more support, if we just bring everything down to one level, and still provide some really awesome rewards!

So, what are the rewards?

  • Early peeks of every new webcomic page (we try to get these posted on Patreon about a week in advance)
  • High-resolution copies of each page (for those with poor eyesight or really want to see the ultra-fine details)
  • Work-in-progress for pages (we try to post these on Sundays every week, a day before the new page arrives)
  • Videos of work being done on each page (these are really awesome to see, from sketches to complete!)
  • Scripts of each page
  • An e-book, written by me, called “Wet Fur”, an anthology of anthropomorphic adventures that deal with water in some way
  • Early peeks of a hilarious, erotic one-page comic called “The Shallows”, featuring the characters of “The Depths” in wild, zany adventures with guest characters in the tropics. “The Shallows” will eventually be posted here, but you’ll see them in advance.
  • Early peeks of a BRAND NEW one panel comic strip coming out called “Over the Side”, thought-provoking and funny “The Far Side”-type strips again featuring “The Depths” characters.

So…yeah! You get a lot for your money, right?! Plus your $5.00 is helping support the comic, so you can feel good about being one of the gang. *^^*

(I do mention it is a $5.00 level; it’s actually a $5.00 or more level. You can of course contribute any amount you’d like to but the minimum is $5.00.)

We really hope to see a lot of you at our Patreon site on February 1st! <3

Best and lots of hugs!

Leilani (with Riff and KJ)