So, yes, a lot of you out there were asking questions like, “What is this new comic strip?” and “Insignificant Otters…What the hell is that?!” and even  “Are you just a bunch of scammers trying to get more money?!”

Well, no, we’re not. “The Depths” writers have been hard at work on this hilarious comic strip for more than a decade. *^^*

Art: Jim Jimenez

This is Emma and Kevin, and as you’re going to learn over time, they most assuredly don’t follow “Blue Lagoon” rules that demand if two sexy people are stuck on a deserted island, they have to fall in love and have babies.

Far, FAR from it. These two 20-something otters go together like water and oil, and we hope you’ll all enjoy their antics as they get used to life stranded on a deserted island (or maybe it’s not so deserted, we’ll see!) and try to get along. As you can see, that’s not going to be easy. *^^*

“Insignificant Otters” came about as the title when we were trying to come up with a cute otter pun. It’s a play on “significant others” except that since they are stranded in the middle of nowhere, they’re rather insignificant to the rest of the world. Catchy, right? *^^*

If you really like what you’re seeing so far, let us know in the comments and realize we’re paying for the artwork for this too! So, we need a lot more Patreon help to keep these pages going as well, okay?

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And we’re not just doing this comic strip either. We also plan to release, for human fans, “Island Girls”, (preview coming this month!) a webcomic about beautiful South Seas women named Leilani, Malana and Kalea, (yes, every bit like their sea otter counterparts, but in human form) and in a spectacular new adventure in 1935 Bora Bora. We’re working on other projects as well, including an RPG Paul and some friends are co-developing part “Dungeons and Dragons”, part “Magic: The Gathering: and all fun.

There’s lots more we want to do too, including graphic novels, merchandising, animated excerpts, and even a non-profit foundation we want to start, where artists in need can apply for financial aid OR scholarships.

Anyway, check out our Patreon, and we hope we can count on your support in 2020! We’re got a lot going on, and we need your help very much! ♥