Yes, April 1st, 2018.

That’s when it all came together for us, and we launched a Patreon to raise funds for some amazing artists to ink and paint some of the most incredible art for webcomics you’ve ever seen. A year has passed and we find ourselves in a bit of a bind to continue weekly updates for everyone. That’s why we’re asking some of you awesome readers and supporters out there to consider a pledge tomorrow, April 1st, of just $5.00 per month to help us cover art costs and hopefully get us back to a weekly schedule.

You may ask, “What do I get for joining this club?”

Well, check it out for yourself! We’re offering quite a lot!

(In case you want to stay here and read more pages, here’s a list:)

*  Early peeks of every new webcomic page (we try to get these posted on Patreon about a week in advance)

*  High-resolution copies of each page (for those with poor eyesight or really want to see the ultra-fine details)

*  Work-in-progress for pages (we try to post these on Sundays every week, a day before the new page arrives)

*  Videos of work being done on each page (these are really awesome to see, from sketches to complete!)

*  Scripts of each page

*  An e-book, written by Leilani, called “Wet Fur”, an anthology of anthropomorphic adventures that deal with water in very sexy ways

*  Early peeks of the hilarious, erotic one-page comic called  “The Shallows”, featuring the characters of “The Depths” in wild, zany  adventures with guest characters in the tropics. “The Shallows” will  eventually be posted publicly, but you’ll see them in advance. Artist is DarkShadow777

*  Early peeks of a BRAND NEW one panel comic strip coming out  called “Over the Side”, thought-provoking and funny “The Far Side”-type  strips again featuring “The Depths” characters. Artist is Kitt_Kitten

*  Your desired name featured with every page update on a beautiful plaque to thank you for your support.  (This is of course voluntary! You can message privately if you’d like kept off the list) *^^*

Do we have your attention now…?

We’re currently short $98 to do a full month of updates at one page a week.  so we really only need about 20 new supporters this month, and we’ll make it! We’re counting on our readers, our fans, to lend a hand.

Thanks everyone so much for all you’ve done, visiting here, checking our pages out, and leaving comments (which we always try to answer). A lot more is coming here so you’ll want to stay tuned, as always.

Our best to you all,

Leilani, Riff, and KJ