We’re #1 in Furry Comics!

Funny story.

The other day, RiffRaff, as always, does some daily checks with ComicAd Exchange to see how we are doing. He checks our ads several sites, and how other comics are doing on our own site. He noticed we had slid down a bit from 2500 visits a day to about 2200. We like to keep going UP, not down, of course.

So it was time to run through Google and see what was up. As usual, we’re Top Five in furry adult comics there. But then Riff did another search, this time for “furry comics“, just to see what that would bring up. Then he Skyped me to ask me to come look at his screen. I was sitting about 20 feet from him. So we got into a brief heated debate about why he felt he needed to Skype me.

So once we ended that debate, I sat down and took a look where he was pointing. “Here we are,” he said, pointing at “The Depths” website about 20-25 links down on Google’s first page result.

I sighed because I already knew our ranking there. “Yeah, so?”

Then he grinned. “Okay, do you see ANY other webcomics in the links above? Look carefully.”

So I did and saw NOTHING above “The Depths”. Nothing except articles about furry comics, websites that listed furry comics available, etc.

“The Depths” was the only individual on the list of 25. “The Depths” was #1 in furry comics.

“So…wait, does this mean we’re actually the top when it comes to furry comics by website?”

“Yeah and we’re going to stay there,” he smiled. “It’s time to start marketing again.”

I agreed. Now that we have a brand-new artist who is just so amazing in her work, it’s time for a second opening. Starting this week, we’ve been securing deals with other websites for art exchanges, links, etc.  This way, our comic is seen on even more sites. This also means we’ll be approaching businesses who cater strictly to furries too. They might want ad space. I mean, who doesn’t want to advertise with #1, right?

After a year of fear and suffering, I’ll bet you see a light at the end of the tunnel. Well, we do too.

The time has come for the butterfly to emerge anew.

And we are so excited we could burst! ♥