The 7 Hottest Furry Adult Comics of 2019

Furry adult comics have come a long way from the days of “Fritz the Cat” and “Omaha”, and from our experiences what has really helped the genre to rise to new heights isn’t just the imagery but the story-telling within it. Over the years, characters have become stagnant with typical characteristics and traits. Vixens are nymphomaniacs, wolves are filled with lust, dogs are wild and untamed, and so on. To make furry adult comics that get the attention of the audience these days, you need to work out not just the sex and lust and fetishes, but how to wrap a definitive plot around them. This was our first goal when we created “The Depths” – sex, nudity, lusts, fetishes, all are there, but they aren’t there to be the main show. They’re the slight, teasing distractions for readers to enjoy while the story unfolds around them. 

We’re pretty excited that we seem to have accomplished that goal so far with our own webcomic, but we want to call out a few other honorable comics that are doing likewise. These furry adult comics so far this year have managed not only to capture our imaginations and desires with wonderful imagery, yet also please our story-seeking minds as well.

1) The Monster Under the Bed – Created by Brandon Shane

Absolutely brilliant story-telling revolving around a rather simple plot: a boy discovers a cute girl monster under his bed and they eventually grow up together as the best of friends. But it’s not quite that simple. Refer to our full review of “The Monster Under the Bed“, and you’ll see why we still get a kick out of it today. (Note: demons are considered furries. They have long ears and tails, so dispel any notion you had that they are human.) ^^


2) Delve – Created by Andrew Hunter

As the tagline reads, “One Dungeon, One Elf, Even Odds”, this is probably one for the record books, because we have yet to find a webcomic with so much nudity in it, and hardly any sexual events. But it doesn’t matter. The story of a beautiful lady trapped in a dungeon-like world and facing sexy friends and foes with different fetishes and lusts throughout is impossible not to read and love. “Delve” is in its 11th year of publication, folks, so you know Andy’s doing things right. Check out our interview with him! ^^


3) Druids – Created by Amocin (Amo)

Amo is a huge “gamer”, whether they are RPGs or MMOs, and if you’re a World of Warcraft fan, you’ll find that “Druids” does an amazing job of expressing Amo’s love for the popular Blizzard Entertainment world. Most of the events that happen throughout this story of two druids, Kinar and Serid, who form an unusual and erotic relationship in the middle of a great war, are plucked right from the creator’s RPG games. So you’re in for a lot of wild, unexpected adventures – and a little bit of nudity and sex thrown in to keep it romantic.


4) A Tale of Tails – Created by Feretta

Take highly visual art, with fabulous, colorful characters you’ll fall in love with, and surround them in epic adventures laced with hot, erotic nudity and sex, and you have what some have called one of the best webcomics to seamlessly mix emotions with unflinching lewdness. “A Tail of Tales” follows the adventures and misadventures of Fenfen Maria Estaban, a fennecian beauty looking for her place in a world of magic and high-tech. It’s a must-read for feels.


5) Cats n’ Cameras – Created by James LaBella

Pretty much what the title says, cats and cameras, or in this case, cats that work at a photography studio. And it has to be a pretty damned popular webcomic to have been around now close to 11 years. That says a lot about the efforts and determination of James and his artists. Josephine and James co-own a studio and photography store together, and require the assistance of some unique and interesting cats (and one uninterested human) to help them out. Follow their antics as they try to get through life and love, all the while trying out new photography ideas to get the audiences purring for more. And we’re still wondering, is Alexia ever going to date outside her species?!


6) Evon – Created by Brittany Evon Shepherd and Mr. Wax (writer)

A beautiful bear named Evon Allure is a powerful sorceress in the world of Harrah. When she escapes from the clutches of a wicked sorcerer in order to find her own true path, little does she realize that there is more to her magic than she could ever imagine. Constantly on the run from the Cabal sent after her, she finds a kindred spirit in a rat named Herodotus, with his own past to deal with. Together they roam Harrah, keeping a step ahead of those that pursue Evon, while making friends and allies along the way. The webcomic “Evon” has all the usual charm of an RPG or MMO setting, and indeed the whole story is based on an RPG experience Brittany had, so you can get a sense of dedication to the craft in both the story and the art. While “Evon” isn’t flushed with nudity or erotic scenes, there are a few mature moments there you’ll want to experience, we guarantee it.


7) Alfie – Created by InCase

While not quite furry, absolutely mind-blowing sexual scenes and lust-filled adventures await the reader in this hot entry about a remote halfling village meeting up with humans for the very first time – and the erotic consequences therein. Alfie the halfling and her beautiful mother Vera take the story back and forth between their personal perspectives, which just adds to the enjoyment of the webcomic. There is sex a-plenty here, and we don’t need to remind anyone hopefully, this is strictly for adults. “Alfie” is about to be 9 years old, and from the looks of its fanbase of thousands, these lovely halflings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.