Every writer knows it’s never easy to kill off a character. You’ve spent months, sometimes years with it, wrapping it around your finger, making it perform for you, and speak, and think, and act. And then suddenly, it’s gone, and a little part of you dies with it. =(

One of the most hilarious, and sad, moments of writing for me, was when I wrote off a minor, but still beloved character from a novel I was working on. I was so distraught, I picked up the phone and called my best friend.

“I killed Ferrell!” I sobbed into the phone and then had to immediately calm down my friend and assure her I had not actually killed anyone in the real world. 

Jamie McCollough, while well-liked in his own way, needed to go. He was merely a secondary character in this particular story arc, but as you might imagine, an important role all the same. We needed a bad guy. *^^*

But not to worry. In the next page, you’ll find out just how he’s going to be sent off – whether to Hell or purgatory.

And let’s hope you don’t have nightmares…