Patreon folks are in for such a treat in 2020! We were able to commission a fabulous artist that’s going to create monthly pin-ups featuring “The Depths” characters (including a few brand new girls who have yet to appear!), starting in January of 2020! Want to see how awesome he is???

This is entitled “Wave Dancer”, featuring Leilani. Go ahead and save it as a wallpaper if you want to, it should be a good size.

Cool, huh?! And this is something he did almost 4 years ago…

The artist goes by ABlueDeer in the furry fandom, and yes, you know the name. He’s the one who first illustrated “The Depths” solo, in fact, he’s the one that helped get “The Depths” started. So naturally, we were so pleased he was able to take some time to help us again.

ABlueDeer also creates two other fantastic comics, “Moonlace” and “Bethellium“, both which can be found at his home page, Dark Blue Comics.

Monthly pin-ups will be available for those able to pledge just two dollars a month.  If you’d like to actually take part in voting on what pin-up gets done for a given month, it’s just five dollars a month. ♥♥♥

Come and join the club! Monthly pin-ups are just the beginning of the rewards we have planned. We want to prove to you that investing in “The Depths” will be incredibly worth your while…