The Depths, an adult furry webcomic – Page 80: Distractions

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Did you miss us…? *^^*

Wow, it feels good to be back! Well, literally back, not just in the figurative sense with the long-absent panther, Thierry Savage, in 1938.

All summer we’ve savored this moment, because we’re all so excited. A brand new story awaits, filled with new characters, new excitement, plenty of gratuitous sex and violence…

And of course, even more undersea adventures…

Where do we begin?

What better way than a moonlight swim…? <3

We recently opened a new $2.00 tier to our Patreon, as we mentioned before, so we feel really good about earning a bit more support from new readers. We’re hardly two years old after all, and we’d say we’re doing a mighty impressive job so far! We have nothing to be ashamed of, even if the start of the journey has been a bit slow-going…

And the journey is just going to get better from here…

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It’s up to us to gain the trust of thousands of fans, and we won’t let you down. *^^*

Written by P.M.Amaras & Paul Driggere
Art by Kino Jaggernov


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