The Depths, an adult furry webcomic – Page 41: Entourage

A brand new page and a brand new look for “The Depths”. Page 41 is Twinkle‘s first stint as our new pencil artist, as ABlueDeer returns to some rightfully-deserved time and energy to focus on his own anthropomorphic projects, Moonlace, about a group of college girls plagued by a succubus, and Bethellium, where a far-off land filled with danger and sorcery becomes the backdrop for five magic-user girls in a war with a vengeful sorcerer. We really hope you’ll look in on these often and wish our “deer” friend the very best. <3

Finally, we get another peek at Malana and Kalea, but just a peek. *^^*  not to worry, you will see much more of these two very soon. right now, there’s a lot to be discussed in this little grass hut in the middle of paradise. David isn’t all that he seems, he’s not been entirely truthful to Leilani, and there’s danger just ahead…

Question from a fan: Why is Leilani dressed like that again?

This is a wake-up call to Leilani. She had her fling of rebellion against her father, ran around nearly naked, had ardent and passionate sex in the sea with David, and spurned him when he professed his love to her. This is her way of returning to her responsibilities as a chieftain’s daughter, away from the carefree, more wild existence she shared with David. This is her becoming a princess again.

The time for fun and games and love has ended. 

We really hope you enjoy the brand new look, everyone! *^^* (and feel free to comment and share, of course!)

Written by Leilani
Art by Twinkle and Kino Jaggernov

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