The Depths, an adult furry webcomic – Page 28: Rivalry

So now we know…

Now you can understand perhaps Malana isn’t trying to outdo Leilani for the sake of pleasing Jamie. Being the overlooked sister, maybe she just wants to prove to herself that she’s just as capable as Leilani. It’s the classic sibling rivalry story!

We worked out this little bombshell, but only after we looked over the comic one day and offered, “Say…you know, we should make those two girls sisters.”

It was like a bomb went off in our heads.

Also, it was Kino’s idea for the little spit-take there. Things were too intense! And we needed some moment of light before the big reveal. We hope everyone enjoyed the surprise, and now realize Malana and Leilani, as sisters, adds a whole new dimension to them.

One more note: Those who are curious, the brackets around the dialogue is the standard comic code for when characters are speaking another language. In this case, the girls have switched to their normal Polynesian dialect. It’s probably quite beautiful to hear.

Written by Leilani and RiffRaff
Art by Kino Jaggernov

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