The Depths, an aquatic adult furry webcomic – Page 136: Magic

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It would seem Kalea has other plans. Her power over water is now complete. Who knows what she could do now! What awakened her? Was it always within her, something deep inside her that had been struggling to come out for years? Was it her early relationship with Tahnee from the very beginning? Did seeing her again, being with her, did that unlock the magic?

This page dedicated to those with powers and skills within them that haven’t emerged yet. May you find them soon and may your life benefit from them.

Our wonderful thanks to our Patreons who continue to see our success in making these pages possible. We wish we had so much more support so that we could do other things, but we’re happy, so happy, with roy_wolverine‘s work and his patience. He is such a gifted artist and we can’t understand why people haven’t sought him out for commissions. He could really use your help too. So do send him a note or add him as a friend on Discord: ROY_WOLVERINE#8532, and see what he can do for you. He’s the stuff of cartoon and comic legends, with such a resume of cartoon shows he’s worked on, like “Gummi Bears“, “X Men“, “Biker Mice From Mars” and other series. Plus such an extensive comic book career!

Alright, have we pushed Roy enough onto everyone? Yes, we think we have.

Would you like to contribute? We’re getting set to wind up this latest story arc and head to New York City, and another era of the girls’ lives is about to unfold, when they were all younger, naive, and wild otters in the big city during Prohibition times. This is going to be fun!

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