The Depths, an aquatic adult furry webcomic – Page 131: Unleashed

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Oh no! Keema appears to be taking Malana to a watery grave!

Jacob and Lawrence seem to be handling themselves alright with the other mantas but…

And then there is sweet, innocent Kalea…at least, she used to be.

For a fantastic power has reawakened inside of her and she is ready to unleash it with absolute fury…

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Alright, have we pushed Roy enough onto everyone? Yes, we think we have. *^^*

Would you like to contribute? We’re getting set to wind up this latest story arc and head to New York City, and another era of the girls’ lives is about to unfold, when they were all younger, naive, and wild otters in the big city during Prohibition times. This is going to be fun!

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“The Depths” is written by P.M.Amaras & Paul Driggere
Art by Roy Wolverine

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