Loving the new art concepts and styles? OMFG, so are we. ♥

Allow us to present to our readers the style of Moonabel, a very talented art student and video game designer in Brazil.

We are so glad to have her for a couple of reasons. First, she’s good. We mean, damned good. She establishes moods, emotions, settings, places…it all just works as smoothly as if it were a Victorian painting.

Secondly, she is committed and loyal to our efforts, as she’s been a big fan of “The Depths” for a few years now.

Lastly, there’s PASSION here. That’s what we were really missing, some sense of wanting to be a part of our group, working for peanuts, but accepting our mere pittance anyway, and she adores the whole thing, the characters, the stories, the places and settings. It’s what she’s always wanted to do…

Big fact to bring up you might find a little hard to believe too.

This is her FIRST comic, boys and girls.

We think you’ll agree, it won’t be her last. ♥