The Depths webcomic – Page 01: Pounce

A note from the creator…

Artist ABlueDeer is my hero.

Honestly, he helped make this dream a reality for me. A lot of people, (and we surveyed nearly 300!), said they were very excited about the possibility of a webcomic that featured sea otter Leilani in her own watery, bubbly, hot and steamy island adventures. What’s in this comic? Well, if you enjoyed the old South Seas vintage comics of a bygone era, you’ll love this very much. The first story, “Dark Reflections”, is actually quite long, a retrospect of Leilani from the time she was a teenager (yes, teen Lani, squeeee!) and fell in love – and started on an adventure unlike anything before.

If you love erotic, dangerous adventures involving the water somehow, you’ve come to the right place. The stories you’ve read by me, in some cases, are going to come to life as illustrated beauty for quite a while.

“The Depths” is going to take readers on quite a ride, we hope!

Thanks a lot also to everyone supporting us at Patreon!

Written by Leilani
Art by ABlueDeer

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